Friday, January 06, 2006

Congrats to Todd

I know most of you have heard this news two or three times but I feel that it could be given one more time.

Todd Giltner will be inducted into the Washington Music Educators Hall of Fame this February at the state conference in Yakima.  This is an enormous honor, considering he's a string player and received his masters from UW.  :)    Only 8 state music teachers are inducted every other year.

Todd has been at PHS forever.  He also teaches orchestra at several PHS feeder schools.  He's been many students' "orchestra teacher" from 4th grade, through Aylen and then PHS.  That's 9 straight years!!!

Many of you don't know that for many years, Todd has been the chair and organizer of the Washington All State Honor Groups (jazz, band, choir, orchestra, elem choir).  Todd hires guest conductors, finds audition tape screeners, hires managers, coordinates itineraries, caters, transports, houses, and takes full responsibility for thousands of students who are accepted every year for these groups.  This year the groups meet, rehearse and perform in Yakima over Presidents Day Weekend.  He'll be there working 4 days straight, staying up all night,  making it possible for ALL the state's students to be a part of an extremely educational and for some "life-changing" experience.  Of course, he does get paid to do this and he uses those pennies to take his wife out to dinner at KFC.  I'm certain he doesn't manage this task for the money... or the chicken.

I believe Todd is most deserving of this honor because of the way he mentors and counsels his students.  When a student walks through Todd's doors, he knows instantly if something is wrong and will take the time to help that student through what it is they are struggling with.  I've seen him sit and work through math problems, listen as a student seeks help with their troubled home life, help re-write a senior research paper (and the students isn't his mentee) and even give relationship advice to a 17 year old who was going through a bad break up (and it was good advice).  He builds unbreakable bonds with his students and most would tell you he was their favorite teacher.

I can't say enough about him.  He's gotten me through my first five years here at PHS and I know will continue to save my butt for the next five.  I figure by then, he'll have 30 years in and I'll have to start saving his.

Congrats Todd.  You deserve it!  I think there's a KFC in Yakima.  My treat!



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Blogger chasechang said...

Congratulations, Todd. That's a lot of work. I didn't realize how much behind-the-scenes stuff went on when I was a student at Rogers High School. I remember the many trips that Puyallup and Rogers did together. Todd was always upbeat and supportive.

4:00 PM  

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